Bible Studies

There is a Wednesday bible study group held at 9am and run by Rev Wes Furness.

The study is held in the Church Seminar Room, Exeter Street, Torquay.

You are very welcome to come, discover and be informed.

Please check with the office (4125 5233)

to confirm details as sometimes there is a break in the study.

KYB (Know Your Bible)

KYB is a part of C.W.C.I. (Christian Women Communicating International). It is an international, evangelical women’s ministry which began in Australia but has expanded to 37 different countries. Its purpose is to depend and enrich the spiritual lives of women, to build them up in the Christian faith through Bible-based teaching. It is designed to equip women for life in their homes, their work, and their communities, and to enable them to be effective also in their Churches and their service for God.

Currently there are groups which meet on:

Tuesdays – Seminar Room at the Hervey Bay Uniting Church 2pm and Howard Uniting Church 2pm


Phone Church Office (4125 5233) for contact details of Study Co-ordinators.