Lectionary Resources

Uniting Church Lectionary Resources

Bill Loader
Nathan Nettleton (laughingbird.net)

Moira Laidlaw – Liturgies Online – Since Moira Laidlaw has passed away, this site no longer operates. This link will take you to where you can purchase a DVD with all the site content. This is a worthwhile investment.

Liturgy/Music/Lectionary Resources from other sources

Bible and Lectionary
BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible

New Revised Standard Version of the Bible
Revised Common Lectionary

Lectionary 2023-2024 Year B

Resources for Children
Talks 2 Children

Lectionary Word Search Puzzles Page
Children’s Sermons for Lectionary Year A | Sermon4Kids.com
Children’s Sermons for Lectionary Year B | Sermon4Kids.com
Children’s Sermons for Lectionary Year C | Sermon4Kids.com

Worship and Sermon Resources

Lectionary Liturgies
GBOD | Worship
Christian prayer and Worship Resources – Prayers and liturgy inspired by Celtic Church
eSermons.com – 50,000 Crafted Sermons, Illustrations, Children’s Sermons
Bill Loader’s Home Page
Deaconsil (This is the go-to site for everything but it costs. You can try for free)
The Timeless Psalms – Prayers and Meditations by Joan Stott
Sermon and Sermon-Lectionary Resource  by Richard Fairchild
Thom Shuman (lectionary liturgies)
Mindi Welton-Mitchell: Prayers of Confession Calls to Worship
Linda Kraft: (found on deaconsil)
Nancy Townly (ministry matters): Calls to worship, prayers etc.
John Van de Laar (sacredise): complete Orders of Service and other liturgical resources.
Vanderbilt Divinity Library: Lectionary resources, prayers etc.
David Chafin (lifeinliturgy): Some good prayers—responsive and otherwise—Invocation, pastoral etc.
Claretians (contemporary liturgy)

Christian Cartoons
Reverend Fun

Christian Cartoons (dot) Com
Christian Cartoons – Christian Comics – Family Cartoons

Powerpoint Resources
CHURCH PowerPoint-Official Site

Christian PowerPoint templates and backgrounds
Free Christian PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds
Free religious powerpoint backgrounds
Christian PowerPoint Templates